Signs of a Great Preschool

Searching for a great preschool can be overwhelming, especially in the West LA area.  Are you feeling that stress this time of year?  Somewhere between Reggio-Emilla and Montessori, play-based and academic, full-day and half-day, waiting lists and applications “preschool admissions” has turned into college admissions.  Choosing the first school experience for your child should be joyful process, not one that causes anxiety and turmoil for parents.  When it’s all said and done, choosing a great preschool is all about finding a safe and nurturing environment for your child to thrive in.  In this series of blog posts we’ll be discussing just that as we explore Signs of a Great Preschool in our blog series.  Read on for the first installment!

Classroom View From WestSafety and cleanliness.  This trait almost goes without saying, but it says a great deal about the overall quality of a school.  A school that is clean, tidy and free of safety hazards is often a sign that the school staff cares a great deal about the students and the care and instruction they will receive.  Are the tables, chairs and floors clean?  Bathrooms and kitchens tidy?  Are toys and equipment in good repair?  Are staff members teaching the children good hygiene habits?  These are just some questions to ask yourself as you consider whether a school is a safe environment for your child.

Happy and pleasant staff.  Do administrators, teachers and aides seem happy to be at work?  Do you feel welcomed as soon as you come on campus?   Do you see adults smiling and interacting happily with the children?  These are all signs that the staff members are invested in creating a positive and nurturing environment for the families that they serve.

IMG_0852Ample indoor and outdoor space.  Parents know – the early years are all about movement and activity.  Preschoolers are busy little people and the school environment should reflect that.  Is there plenty of space for the children to move and explore?  Are there places for the children to relax when they do need a break?  The preschool environment should be equipped to handle the wide variety of activity needs young children have each day.

Check back next week as we explore some more Signs of a Great Preschool.  We’ll be delving into curriculum and program content! If you found this post helpful, don’t forget to like and share on our social media networks.