Book Giveaway – The Five Love Languages of Children

Book Giveaway ImageHave you ever wondered how to effectively strengthen your bond with your child and develop and more meaningful relationship with him or her?  Do the ways that you tend to express love and respect ever seem to fall flat?  One of my favorite parenting books answers those questions and more.

The Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman, Ph.D. and Ross Campbell, M.D. examines the five ways humans express and receive love and respect.  The premise of the book is that when children feel loved, they do their best and thrive.  The security children feel in being loved will transform their actions and behavior.  The authors also contend that a strong foundation of love and support in a child’s life will set them up to be successful, grounded adults.

Just as each person has their own unique physical features, each individual has their own social-emotional characteristics.  The way we demonstrate and receive love varies from person to person. Physical touch, affirmation, gifts, shared moments, and acts of service are all varied ways that people communicate love and respect to each other.  Each individual has their own way of expressing and receiving love.  This is of course true for children as well.

The Five Love Languages of Children helps you de-code your child’s communication style.  By understanding the way your child communicates love, you can effectively express your unconditional feelings of respect and affection while creating a deeper and stronger bond with your child.

The love language of the parent can differs from the child’s love language.  Chapman and Ross give many practical suggestions on how to communicate with effectively with your child, even if you “speak a different love language” then your child.

This book is a wonderful resource and a great tool to add to you “parenting tool kit”.  It is an easy, enjoyable read as it is both insightful and practical.  Check it out!  (Disclaimer: we are not affiliated with this book or its authors.  We’re just happy to be able to suggest a worthwhile resource to our readers.)

Building Blocks is pleased to announce that we are giving away five copies of The Five Love Languages of Children to our local readersTo enter the giveaway click here to fill out the short contact form.  Winners will be contacted via email.  Contest ends Saturday, April 12.